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Functionality, Sustainability, and Efficiency for Organizations and Their Customers

Structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing design are hallmarks of modern commercial engineering. Owners want something functional that also catches the eye and inspires.

Veregy merges client needs with engineering expertise to bring to life a mixed-use or service-facility clients are proud of for years to come. We design new, contemporary facilities and also modernize existing ones for commercial entities, remaining flexible to adapt to any project need. We work on projects of all shapes and sizes, while promoting a strong sense of communication throughout the process.

As owners become more concerned with lighting, indoor air quality, and overall environment, having a partner like Veregy becomes critical to successful operations. We value technology, energy efficiency, and environmental comfort in our clients’ projects, but keep budget top-of-mind.

Case Studies

Indianapolis International Airport

Delaware Area Career Center

The Eye Center 

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